The First Annual Epic One Off (2013!)

Act I : A Harrowing Escape

The Company has been retained to protect a Scholar’s research into ancient artifacts. Their travels have brought them to the distant shores of the Farlands. A blasted countryside, shrouded under the haze of volcanic ash and blackened clouds of poisonous fumes. The scholar and his guide stepped ashore twelve days before. The company and crew are anxious to leave this wretched wasteland.

A clamoring ashore, draws the gaze of everyone on deck. Sinu the guide is frantically running over the broken ground to escape the goblinoid horde of pursuers. The party climbs aboard the ship’s launches and prepares to go ashore to protect Sinu. As the boat approaches the shoreline, the dwarven slayer’s bloodlust gets the better of him and he jump into the low surf. The elven surgeon, seeing Sinu running out of room, uses the gunwhale of the boat and the newly placed “slayer’s head stepping stone” to propel himself up to the over hanging ledge and insert himself between their charge and the threat.

Waves of goblins and orcs crest over the broken landscape, to be met with axe, sword, arrow, and magics. When all is said and done the beach is littered with corpses and the party was literally untouched (except for a little friendly fire mishap…that becomes a running theme for the day).

Sinu explains that the Scholar is still trapped in the goblin village. A rescue plan is quickly devised.

The party goes deep ashore to find the village. After the elven cleric (who as it turns out has NO healing skills/magics…and actually is pretty effective at hitting things on the battle field…including allies…) sets off a magical bomb in the middle of the camp, the dwarven blenders go to work grinding up the goblinoids for sausage.

The scholar is found, but is quite ill. The surgeon is able to stabilize him and all return to the ship. With this phase of the contract satisfied, the party decides that a little extra “exploration” (read:looting) would be good, you know because the scholar could use a little more rest before hitting the high seas.



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