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I seem to have funny stories about how these games come into fruition. In 1998 I ran a 1E WHFRP game with some college friends. It ran for a year and we made some great memories. Over the past dozen years, it had been discussed about having some kind of reunion and we should revisit the Game! Well, in July 2013, the stars aligned and some key players were going to be in the Chicagoland area, so let’s throw a “One Off” Game. My local gaming group, not really needing a reason to game jumped at the chance for a marathon session.

Now the dilemma…how to integrate an establish group with handful of longtime friends. I decide on a Friday night Character Creation Session. Each player had to draw names of two other players and establish back stories with them. This effectively interlocked the group and everyone was set for Saturday morning’s session.

The game was so well received that we are planning on making this an annual event…hence the title above.

The First Annual Epic One Off (2013!)

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