The First Annual Epic One Off (2013!)

Act IV : Bone Beach

You’ll probably notice that if I’d just given my players the titles of the Acts, this would have gone so much more quickly.

Well, ship and crew weigh anchor in off shore and launch their boats, laden with fierce adventurers, armed to the teeth and spoiling for a fight. They find the escaped cultist’s boat and drag marks leading inland.

Their investigation is cut short by a monstrous Bone Giant towering over ranks of a skeletal army. The horde of bones, sweep over the sandy dunes and the party finds itself spread out and engaged in multiple adversaries. The dwarven slayers, now targeting the Giant (something befitting for them to kill, or re-kill as the case may be) begin their assault. For its part, the Bone Giant pretty much ignores the tiny dwarven fleas, moving and directing the fight like a conductor. The dwarves chase after the Giant and give witness to a punishing blow that smashes the Elven Charlatan into the surf, quite broken.

Skeletons fall left and right as the party hacks and shoots in a frenetic defense. It is not the pair of dwarven blenders that ultimately bring down the Giant, but the lowly gunner who ultimately prevailed (I did hear phrases like “you kill-stealer” and the like…)!

With their champion felled, the undead controlling magics failed and there on the beach were series of bone piles remaining.

It was time to tend to the wounded. This was the party’s first real set back. The Charlatan needed tending to. With both arms shattered the surgeon made haste to reset them and get the elf on the return trip to health.



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